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For a balanced and well rounded student, Athletics, Socials and Academics are major ingredients to our blend of successful students. At Loretto we encourage Athletic, Social and Academic Clubs. Presently we have, Loretto Young Farmers Club, Loretto Young Consumer Club(LYCC), Female Forum, Press Club, Debate/ Dramatic Club(DDC) and the Jetts Club which is compulsory for all students since it's a science club.


Our Ethos on the Marble

Education has a standard: To meet up with standard is always very difficult to the flesh but fruitful and beneficial in future. Therefore, only the best is good enough. Give the world your best and the best shall come back to you. Shun the enemy called mediocrity, because it is better to wear out than to rust out.



The Loretto Alumnae Association fosters a strong sense of community and tradition, promoting a lifelong bond, which enriches the personal, professional and cultural lives of her members and supports development in the School.

Our Best Performing Students

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Welcome to the official website of Loretto Special Science Secondary School, Adazi Nnukwu; a science school that has enjoyed a long tradition of excellence in teaching and learning.

"Excellence is an issue that is central to the intellectual and moral formation of every serious student. Excellence is an attitude, attitude stems from habit and habit is formed. In Loretto, we passionately educate our students, helping them to form the right attitude towards excellence"

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