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Loretto Special Science School Adazi-Nnukwu was established in 1986.  She had existed for twenty-four years before it was reverted to a Secondary School in 2010, shortly after the hand-over of schools back to their owners even though it is still maintain its ‘science’ character. Therefore the present name is Loretto Special Secondary School Adazi-Nnukwu.


The school was super imposed on the former TTC Adazi and that is why she exhibits traces of dilapidated structures that are being patched up every now and then since the hand-over. It have not been easy for the  proprietor as it seemed that her chick was snatched away from her only  to be brought back when she became an old layer.  That notwithstanding, the management is fighting tooth and nail to raise it to a manageable status.


Loretto as a science school proved her mettle  among science and secondary schools in the state.  Students rushed in their hundreds each aspiring to be part of her, but only those that measured up were admitted by the Post Primary Schools Service Commission.  The school was raise to a great academic height as a result of the conscientiousness of the team of staff-tutorial and non-tutorial, posted to the school.


The history of the school will never be written without the mention of the Pioneer

Principal Dr (Lady) C. O. Nwachukwu who is now an Associate Professor of Chemistry at Madonna University, Okija.  She was posted to the school in 1986 and she piloted the affairs for six years.  She gave the school an indelible image because of her relentless efforts with those of her team of teachers who were dedicated to their duties. The pioneer student had an  excellent result.  They all had credits in nine subjects, hence a 100 percent pass. The school was rated sixth out of the 31 selected top schools in the federation in 1989.  What a good first outing. 

Since then the school has continued to perform to a reasonable level.


In Jan, 1994 Lady Theresa  N. Akamigbo took over the helms of affairs of the school and she was a giant in administration.  The school will never forget her because she gave her some immeasurable image.  Her services to the school ended in March 1997 as she took a leave of absence in order to join her family.


Late Mr. Raphael Umerie held brief until the posting another principal. This turn of  events changed the history of the posting of principals in Anambra State as Dr. C. O. Nwachukwu was re-posted to Loretto as there was no one to fill the vacant post in the school.  She came back and finished what she started. She started the school Magazine “The Brain” in 1987 and she ended it in the year 2000.  Her coming back to the school was like a real second missionary journey - a lot happened in the school then.


Lady Theresa N. Akuluka took over as the Principal of the school from 2000. She continued  until 2008 when Mrs. Chinyere Rose-Kate Ilozumba was posted to the school.  Since then the school has been raise to a greater height as so many changes took place.  There were renovations here and there and students were made to realize that they are women.  Her tenure saw the renovation of science Laboratories by the State government, the establishment of computer laboratories by diginet and fully equipped with solar facilities in case of power outage.


The present principal continued until in 2010  the school wore a new look; the posting of a manager as a result of hand-over of schools back to their rightful owners.  The Manager Rev. Fr. Hillary  Nwajagu is the “Lion of Loretto”. The weight he is pulling is really  commensurate with his height.  Together with the principal they are making things happen in Loretto as parents, students and society can testify. They have given a dignified face lift to Loretto. Now the students are enjoying their meals in a well furnished refectory with cable network.


The state government did not leave us orphans after the return of the school over to the owners.  Mr. Peter Obi,s administration has always come to our rescue in terms of facilities.  The school enjoy the following from his administration: – a functional bore hole, desk and laptops, internet facilities, a bus in addition to the complete walling of the school.

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