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Admission Requirements


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Do you think you are science inclined?

Do you have think you have a futre in science related field?

Are you the best, or want to be the best some day? 

Then, there is no better choice of school than the school of the moment, the best secondary school in Nigeria 2014/15, with superlative academic records in WASSCE, NECO and JAMB as well as an outstanding performance in National and International Competitions such as MAN, STAN, Cowbell among others, Anambra State representative and winner in Federal Ministry of Science and Technology quiz, 2017, Nigerian Representative in the World School Debate - Indonesia 2017 and so on. The academic paradise with serene and conducive environment for teaching and learning as well as qualified and dedicated staff.

Admission is open to female students who have passion for science and want to be the best

SUBJECTS FOR THE EXAM: English Language, Mathematics, Basic science, and General Knowledge


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